The Green Exchange Visitor Center/Offices

Student Work at Columbia College Chicago

Our project was to provide a Visitor Center and information/management staff offices for this new sustainably-focused “mall” in Chicago’s North Side. The Green Exchange Visitor Center will provide tourists and citizens of Chicago with educational information regarding sustainability and space to hold community meetings or events.

The focus space consists of 2,500 sq. ft. on the main floor, with a program of three staff offices, a wellness center, a computer area, two conference rooms, a reception and lobby area, a kitchen and dining area, and a copy center.

My concept when considering this design was inspired by the region, with materials salvaged or made within 300 miles of the site, the artistry of local furniture makers, use of native Great Lakes natural resources and historic native influences, and a layout that promotes interaction with an exception to the more private wellness center.

The facility is ADA accessible and free to the public. The reception and lobby area provide rotating info/exhibits regarding local strategies in sustainability and new innovations.